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LTE Connectivity and Vehicular Traffic Prediction Based on Machine Learning Approaches

Christoph Ide; Fabian Hadiji; Lars Habel; Alejandro Molina; Thomas Zaksek; Michael Schreckenberg; Kristian Kersting; Christian Wietfeld
In: IEEE 82nd Vehicular Technology Conference. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-2015), September 6-9, Boston, MA, USA, Pages 1-5, IEEE, 2015.


The prediction of both, vehicular traffic and communication connectivity are important research topics. In this paper, we propose the usage of innovative machine learning approaches for these objectives. For this purpose, Poisson Dependency Networks (PDNs) are introduced to enhance the prediction quality of vehicular traffic flows. The machine learning model is fitted based on empirical vehicular traffic data. The results show that PDNs enable a significantly better short-term prediction in comparison to a prediction based on the physics of traffic. To combine vehicular traffic with cellular communication networks, a correlation between connectivity indicators and vehicular traffic flow is shown based on measurement results. This relationship is leveraged by means of Poisson regression trees in both directions, and hence, enabling the prediction of both types of network utilization.

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