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How to Best Find a Partner? An Evaluation of Editing Approaches to Construct R2RML Mappings

Christoph Pinkel; Carsten Binnig; Peter Haase; Clemens Martin; Kunal Sengupta; Johannes Trame
In: Valentina Presutti; Claudia d'Amato; Fabien Gandon; Mathieu d'Aquin; Steffen Staab; Anna Tordai (Hrsg.). The Semantic Web: Trends and Challenges - 11th International Conference, Proceedings. European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-2014), May 25-29, Greece, Pages 675-690, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8465, Springer, 2014.


R2RML defines a language to express mappings from relational data to RDF. That way, applications built on top of the W3C Semantic Technology stack can seamlessly integrate relational data. A major obstacle to using R2RML, though, is the effort for manually curating the mappings. In particular in scenarios that aim to map data from huge and complex relational schemata (e.g., [5]) to more abstract ontologies efficient ways to support the mapping creation are needed.

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