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Utilizing Extensive-Form Games for Energy-aware Production Plan Adaptation in Modular Skill-based Production Systems

William Motsch; Vassilios Yfantis; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski
In: IFAC-PapersOnLine, Vol. 56, No. 2, Pages 2969-2975, Elsevier, 2023.


Modular production systems provide an important basis to react more flexibly to changing and more individual production requirements. A challenge hereby is an appropriate production planning and scheduling that considers the capabilities and the degrees of freedom of these systems, which can be al-gorithmically optimized for their relevance. A great importance is also given to the aspect of energy-efficient production, which can be included in the planning as well as in its execution on the modular level. The main objective of the paper is to show the relevance of the adaptability of production plans within modular production systems from an energetic point of view, with special focus on electrical energy. It is considered on how modular production systems can be modeled, based on the current state of the art and from the perspective of the capability- and skill-based approach for energy-aware skill usage. Furthermore, it is examined how pre-optimized scheduling for production systems can be adapted by production modules. For the energy-related optimization an extensive-form game model is provided. The scheduler and the production modules are considered as players and strategies of the modules are selected based on their modeled capabilities by using their best response under energy-related aspects. The results of a simulation with prototypical implementation for energy-optimized adaptation, based on extensive-form games, and possible application for unforeseen event handling are presented and discussed.