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AI Engineering for Trust by Design

André Meyer-Vitali
In: Francisco José Domínguez Mayo; Luís Ferreira Pires; Edwin Seidewitz (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering. Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering (MBSE-2024), February 21-23, Rome, Italy, Pages 357-364, Vol. 1: MBSE-AI Integration, ISBN 978-989-758-682-8, SciTePress Digital Library, 2/2024.


The engineering of reliable and trustworthy AI systems needs to mature. While facing unprecedented challenges, there is much to be learned from other engineering disciplines. We focus on the four pillars of (i) Models & Explanations, (ii) Causality & Grounding, (iii) Modularity & Compositionality, and (iv) Human Agency & Oversight. Based on these pillars, a new AI engineering disciple could emerge, which we aim to support using corresponding methods and tools for “Trust by Design”.

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