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The Humans Behind Artificial Intelligence – An Operationalisation of AI Competencies

Eduard Anton; Alina Behne; Frank Teuteberg
In: Twenty-Eighth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), A Virtual AIS Conference, Association for Information Systems, 2020.


Despite the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) proficiency as a determinant for AI adoption, there remains a lack of empirical research studying competencies needed to leverage AI effectively. This paper addresses this research gap with a mixed methods approach. First, we conduct a qualita- tive content analysis of the practical and scientific literature to derive and structure the existing body of knowledge. We subsequently perform a quantitative content analysis of 9,247 job advertisements. We merge the results using a triangulation approach and a) present a comprehensive overview of key technical and managerial competencies essential for implementing and utilising AI on an individual level, b) highlight the demand for AI-related competencies in the three occupational fields Data Sci- ence and Engineering, Software Engineering and Development, and Business Development and Sales, and c) underline the need to adapt workforce competencies to a labour market transformation induced by AI.