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A Tutorial Workshop on ML for Systems and Systems for ML

Manisha Luthra; Andreas Kipf; Matthias Böhm
In: Birgitta König-Ries; Stefanie Scherzinger; Wolfgang Lehner; Gottfried Vossen. BTW 2023. Pages 707-708, ISBN 978-3-88579-725-8, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. Bonn, 2023.


This is a proposal for the Learned Systems workshop planned for March 7th, 2023 inconjunction with the BTW2023 conference in Dresden. This tutorial-like workshop will bring togetherrenowned researchers and practitioners at the intersection of machine learning and (database) systems.There will be invited/nominated talks on two topics of concern: (1) how machine learning can improve(database) systems and (2) how scalable and efficient system design can improve machine learningpipelines. A strategic goal of this workshop is to encourage discussion between all the participants—speakers of original authors of the already peer-reviewed work and BTW participants—and thus,foster collaborations among the participants. We aim to give priority to early career researchers inour selection process to boost their work and gain visibility in the most important database systemsconference in Germany.