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Kinetostatic analysis for 6RUS parallel conAnuum robot using Cosserat rod theory

Vinayvivian Rodrigues; Bingbin Yu; Christoph Stoeffler; Shivesh Kumar
In: Jadran Lenarvcivc; Manfred Husty (Hrsg.). International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics. International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics (ARK-2024), June 30 - July 4, Ljubjana, Slovenia, Springer International Publishing, 2024.


Parallel Continuum Robots (PCR) are closed-loop mechanisms but use elastic kinematic links connected in parallel between the end-effector (EE) and the base platform. PCRs are actuated primarily through large deflections of the interconnected elastic links unlike by rigid joints in rigid parallel mechanisms. In this paper, Cosserat rod theory-based forward and inverse kinetostatic models of 6RUS PCR are proposed. A set of simulations are performed to analyze the proposed PCR structure which includes maneuverability in 3-dimensional space through trajectory following, deformation effects due to the planar rotation of the EE platform, and axial stiffness evaluation at the EE.

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