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EPOS -- Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces

Andreas Dengel; Andreas Abecker; Jan-Thies Bähr; Ansgar Bernardi; Peter Dannenmann; Ludger van Elst; Stefan Klink; Heiko Maus; Sven Schwarz; Michael Sintek
Project Proposal, DFKI GmbH, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 2002, 2002.


...EPOS shall investigate a bottom-up evolutionary approach to resolve this discrepancy. The individual knowledge workspace, realized as a set of agents in the knowledge workers’ personal computer, will provide adequate and taskspecific supporting information to the human. In parallel, the system will observe the work and the users’ ways of information access/handling and automatically learn about intentions, structures, ontologies, and work processes. Towards the user, the knowledge workspace thus acts as an adaptive information assistant. In order to present this information that has been gathered behind the scenes advanced Information Visualization techniques are necessary. ...