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The COMPASS2008 Smart Dining Service

Ihlan Aslan; Feiyu Xu; Jörg Steffen; Hans Uszkoreit; Antonio Krüger
In: Proceedings of intelligent Technologies for interactive Entertainment (Intetain), Demo Session,. Conference on INtelligent TEchnologies for interactive enterTAINment (INTETAIN), IEEE Intelligent Systems Journal, 2005.


The Compass20083 project is a sino-german cooperation, aiming at integrating advanced information technologies to create a hightech information system that helps visitors to access location-sensitive information services during the 2008 Olympic Games in their preferred language, offering a variety of service-adaptive modalities available on the mobile devices. In this paper, we demonstrate one of the COMPASS2008 services, the Smart Dining Service, to showcase the new interaction concepts between multimodality, multilingual and location-sensitive information search.