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Combining Fact and Document Retrieval with Spreading Activation for Semantic Desktop Search

Kinga Schumacher; Michael Sintek; Leo Sauermann
In: Proceedings of the 5th European Semantic Web Conference. European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Pages 569-583, LNCS, No. 5021, Springer, 6/2008.


The Semantic Desktop is a means to support users in Personal Information Management (PIM). It provides an excellent test bed for Semantic Web technology: resources (e. g., persons, projects, messages, documents) are distributed amongst multiple systems, ontologies are used to link and annotate them. Finding information is a core element in PIM. For the end user, the search interface has to be intuitive to use, natural language queries provide a simple mean to express requests. State of the art semantic search engines focus on fact retrieval or on semantic document retrieval. We combine both approaches to search the Semantic Desktop exploiting all available information. Our semantic search engine, built on semantic teleporting and spreading activation, is able to answer natural language queries with facts, e. g., a specific phone number, and/or relevant documents. We evaluated our approach on ESWC 2007 data in comparison with Google site search.