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COMPASS2008: An Intelligent Multilingual and Multimodal Mobile Information Service System for Beijing Olympic Games

Hans Uszkoreit; Feiyu Xu; Ihlan Aslan; Jörg Steffen
In: KI2006 Demo Collection. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI), 6/2006.


We will demonstrate a novel information service system, which is designed and realized for meeting the demanding challenges posed by international mega-events. The system COMPASS 2008 is planned to be the mobile digital companion for participants and visitors of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Mobile personalized, multilingual and multimodal services will assist foreign visitors in typical situations such as navigation, communication with waiters or taxi drivers and in cases of emergency. Based on semantic web technology, ontologies are utilized on our platform for the description, the structuring and presentation of services and service content. The well-considered combination strategy of open-domain machine translation and service-specific translation ensures the robust and precise translation quality. Intelligent multimodal user interface technologies ensure comfortable access via the small screens of PDAs and smart phones and the limited input options for! handheld computers.