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Towards the Integration of Functions, Relations and Types in an AI Programming Language

Rolf Backofen; Lutz Euler; Günther Görz
In: H. Marburger (Hrsg.). 14th German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence. German Workshop on Artifical Intelligence (GWAI), 14th, September 10-14, Eringerfeld, Germany, Pages 297-306, Informatik-Fachberichte, Vol. 251, Springer, 1990.


This paper describes the design and implementation of the programming language PCLife. This language integrates the functional and the logic-oriented programming style and feature types supporting inheritance. This combination yields a language particularly suited to knowledge representation, especially for application in computational linguistics. Keywords: Knowledge representation, AI software, inferences, natural language processing 1 Introduction Different programming styles have proved to be interesting for AI programming. The most important ones are the functional, the logic-oriented and the object-oriented style. The functional programming style is defined by deterministic computations and first-classness of functional expressions of any order. A logic-oriented language like Prolog contains constructor terms with an unification operation defined on them and uses a resolution-based theorem prover. The objectoriented style allows to specify a hierarchy of classes containing ...