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Natural Language Software Registry (Second Edition)

Elizabeth Hinkelman; Markus Vonerden; Christoph Jung
DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 93-10, 1993.


The Natural Language Software Registry is a concise summary of the capabilities and sources of language processing software available to researchers. It comprises academic, commercial, and proprietary software, with theory, specifications, and terms on which it can be acquired clearly indicated./par This second edition, containing nearly one hundred software descriptions, owes much to the participants of the 1992 survey of natural language processing software conducted for the German Ministry for Research and Technology by DFKI and directed by Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster. The Registry now distinguishes among several levels of linguistic analysis, with a full section for natural language generation. It encompasses as well large systems that perform several levels of analysis, linguistic development tools, and selected applications of natural language processing technology.

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