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TDL - A Type Description Language for Unification-Based Grammars

Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Ulrich Schäfer
In: Harold Boley; François Bry; Ulrich Geske (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Workshop on "Neuere Entwicklungen der deklarativen KI-Programmierung". Neuere Entwicklungen der deklarativen KI-Programmierung, September 13-15, Berlin, Germany, Pages 67-82, Research Report, No. RR-93-35, DFKI, 1993.


This paper presents TDL, a typed feature-based representation language and inference system. Type definitions in TDL consist of type and feature constraints over the boolean connectives. TDL supports open- and closed-world reasoning over types and allows for partitions and incompatible types. Working with partially as well as with fully expanded types is possible. Efficient reasoning in TDL is accomplished through specialized modules.

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