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A Compositional Treatment of Polysemous Arguments in Categorial Grammar

Anne-Marie Mineur; Paul Buitelaar
CLAUS-Report, Universität des Saarlandes, Vol. 49, 1/1995.


We discuss the extension of the standard logical rules (functional application and abstraction) in Categorial Grammar, in order to deal with some specific cases of polysemy. We borrow from Generative Lexicon theory which proposes the mechanism of coercion next to a rich nominal lexical semantic structure called qualia structure. In a previous paper we introduced coercion into the framework of sign-based Categorial Grammar and investigated its impact on traditional Fregean compositionality. In this paper we will elaborate on this idea, mostly working towards the introduction of a new semantic dimension. Where in current versions of sign-based Categorial Grammar only two representations are derived: a prosodic one (form) and a logical one (modelling), here we introduce also a more detailed representation of the lexical semantics. This extra knowledge will serve to account for linguistic phenomena like metonymy.

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