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Constraint-Based RMRS Construction from Shallow Grammars

Anette Frank; Kathrin Spreyer; Witold Drozdzynski; Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Ulrich Schäfer
In: Stefan Müller (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the HPSG04 Conference Workshop on Semantics in Grammar Engineering. HPSG Conference Workshop on Semantics in Grammar Engineering, Leuven, Belgium, CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA, 2004.


We present a constraint-based syntax-semantics interface for the construction of RMRS (Robust Minimal Recursion Semantics) representations from shallow grammars. The architecture is designed to allow modular interfaces to existing shallow grammars of various depth---ranging from chunk grammars to context-free stochastic grammars. We define modular semantics construction principles in a typed feature structure formalism that allow flexible adaptation to alternative grammars and different languages.