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A WordNet Detour to FrameNet

Aljoscha Burchardt; Katrin Erk; Anette Frank
In: Bernhard Fisseni; Hans-Christian Schmitz; Bernhard Schröder; Petra Wagner (Hrsg.). Sprachtechnologie, mobile Kommunikation und linguistische Resourcen. GermaNet-Workshops des GLDV-Arbeitskreises "Lexikografie", Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Page 16, Lang, Peter, 2005.


In this paper, we present a rule-based system for the assignment of FrameNet frames by way of a "detour via WordNet". The system can be used to overcome sparse-data problems of statistical systems trained on current FrameNet data. We devise a weighting scheme to select the best frame(s) out of a set of candidate frames, and present first figures of evaluation.