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Grammar Approximation as a Speed-Up Technique for Unification-Based Parsing

Hans-Ulrich Krieger
In: Henning Fernau (Hrsg.). Invited talks on Learning of Automata and Grammars at the Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Grammar Induction (TAGI). Page 10, 2005.


In this talk, I will present three techniques for obtaining fast grammars from a given unification-based grammar (UBG). The research is motivated by the idea that we can exploit (large-scale), hand-written UBGs not only for the purpose of describing natural language and obtaining a syntactic structure (and perhaps a semantic form), but also to address several other very practical topics. Firstly, to speed up deep parsing by having a cheap recognition pre-filter. Secondly, to obtain an indirect stochastic parsing model for the UBG. Thirdly, to generate domain-specific subgrammars for real applications. And finally, to compile context-free language models for a speech recognizer.