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Network Approaches to Current Research Information Systems.

Gregor Erbach; Mitja Jermol; Brigitte Jörg; Hans Uszkoreit; Marko Grobelnik
In: Paul Cunningham; Miriam Cunningham (Hrsg.). Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies, Volume 2. ISBN ISBN: 1-58603-563-0, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 10/2005.


This paper describes the state of the art in current research information systems (data models, ontologies, standards), and aims to show how different technologies can be used to get additional value out of RTD information, support the innovation process and enable the discovery of existing and potential networks. We regard research as a network of actors (persons, organisations, projects), data, methods and tools, and results. The technologies for utilising this data include data mining, visualisation, and social networking models. The paper presents two existing services, and a new one. LT World uses formal ontologies for establishing an information portal for the area of Language Technology. Project Intelligence uses data mining techniques for analysing and visualising relationships between research actors in the EU framework programme. We present the architecture of the new information system IST World, which is based on a network approach to RTD information! Text mining techniques will be used for creating a large data base of research information, from which networks can be found. An expected benefit is that network analysis and visualisation facilitates the creation and emergence of innovation networks by revealing unexpected connections between different RTD actors.