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New Chances for Deep Linguistic Processing

Hans Uszkoreit
In: Chu-Ren Huang (Hrsg.). Frontiers in Computational Linguistics. Shangwu Press, 2004.


Recent developments in deep linguistic processing give rise to renewed optimism concerning the practical applicability of advanced grammatical analysis. For HPSG parsing a breakthrough in efficiency was achieved through a new form of international collaboration that lead to improved combinations of methods in a rather systematic way. Yet efficiency is just one of the obstacles to the utilization of deep processing in real life applications. A novel approach to the exploitation of deep parsing offers a strategy for compensating the deficiency in coverage and robustness. Through a combination of deep and shallow processing, the robustness of shallow processing is preserved for information extraction applications that exploit parsing methods of different depth. The underlying strategy and the realized architecture also provide a basis for distributed collective research on novel combinations of processing methods including applications of hyper learning.