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Ambient Audio Notification with Personalized Music

Ralf Jung; Dominikus Heckmann
In: Workshop on Ubiquitous User Modeling. Workshop on Ubiquitous User Modeling (UbiqUM-06), Ubiquitous User Modeling, located at ECAI 2006, August 28, Riva del Garda, Italy, Italy, Pages 16-18, UbiqUM, 2006.


In this paper we present a user adaptive approach for an ambient audio notification application for multi-user environments. We provide a user centralized notification system working unobtrusively by embedding audio cues in an ambient soundscape by connecting the user modeling service. First we introduce the ambient notification system for intelligent environments followed by the identification of extension properties for the user model on\-to\-logy to get an ambient user adaptive notification service. This short paper should be seen as work in progress that addresses the current research field combining ubiquitous computing and user modeling.