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Concepts for a combined use of Personal Digital Assistants and large remote displays

Michael Kruppa; Antonio Krüger
In: Thomas Schulze; Stefan Schlechtweg; Volkmar Hinz (Hrsg.). Proceedings of SimVis 2003. Simulation und Visualisierung (SimVis-03), March 6-7, Magdeburg, Germany, Pages 349-361, ISBN 3-936150-23-0, SCS Publishing House e.V. 2003.


We give an overview on different methods to improve the usability of Personal Digital Assistants, featuring small displays, by using them in combination with larger displays. We discuss several different methods that have been implemented and evaluated in former projects. Subsequently we categorize these projects i.e. the implemented methods to develop a classification of combination methods for small PDA-Displays and large remote displays. We extend the classification through new methods. Some of these new methods are implemented in a prototype to evaluate their usability in a museum scenario.