Stereoscopic 3D Views with In-Place 2D Overlays for a Medical Tutoring System

Matthias Deller; Peter Dannenmann; Achim Ebert; Gerd Reis; Daniel Steffen

In: Proceedings of IEEE Visualization Conferences 2008 (VisWeek 2008). IEEE Visualization Conference (IEEE Vis-2008), October 19-24, Columbus, OH, USA, IEEE, 2008.


Three-dimensional visualization of the human body is a widely used technique in medical education. It is even more effective when using immersive stereoscopic visualization. However, a realistic image of the body and its parts alone is not sufficient for a tutoring system since the scholar needs additional information about what he is seeing. Besides simple names of the organs also detailed information on their functioning as well as additional diagrams may be needed. On the other hand, in a stereo environment, it is difficult to display that kind of detailed information, enforcing additional 2D views of the focussed body part. In the presented system we tackle this problem by enhancing the stereoscopic view with in-place 2D overlays. The stereoscopic projection is extended by a third projector, which is capable of providing a high-resolution picture inside the 3D projection. With this new technique, we extend medical visualization technologies by adding relevant detailed information in the focus plane, thus creating a new and most valuable tutoring system which enables students to learn self-reliantly and in a very efficient manner.


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz