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Interoperability through a Platform-Independent Model for Agents

Christian Hahn; Cristián Madrigal Mora; Klaus Fischer
In: Ricardo J. Gonçalves; Jörg P. Müller; Kai Mertins; Martin Zelm. Enterprise Interoperability II: New Challenges and Approaches. Pages 195-206, ISBN 978-1-84628-857-9, Springer London, 2007.


Various agent-oriented methodologies and metamodels exist to describe multiagent systems (MAS) in an abstract manner. Frequently, these frameworks specialise on particular parts of the MAS and only few work has been invested to derive a common standardisation which limits the impact of agent-related systems in commercial applications. In this paper, we present a metamodel for agent systems that abstracts from existing agent-oriented platforms. Furthermore, we illustrate how an agent-oriented software development process in accordance to the model-driven development (MDD) approach could be formulated around the abstract view on agent systems and thus (i) further the development process of agent systems to increase the interoperability among agent platforms and (ii) facilitates the interoperability of agent platforms and potential areas of application.


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