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Simulating and Evaluating Public Situated Displays in Virtual Environment Models

Christoph Stahl; Jens Haupert
In: Thomas Pederson; Helder Pinto; Michael Schmitz; Christoph Stahl; Lucia Terrenghi (Hrsg.). International Workshop on Modelling and Designing User Assistance in Intelligent Environments. Modeling and Designing User Assistance in Intelligent Environments (MODIE-2006), 8th conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services, September 12-15, Helsinki, Finland, Pages 32-35, ACM, New York, NY, USA, 2006.


In this position paper, we address the problems that arise during the design phase of intelligent environments that make use of public situated displays for user assistance. We propose a new design process, which is based on an architectural model of the environment. It employs a toolkit that allows the designer of an intelligent environment to verify the visibility of displays from various virtual viewpoints before they are actually acquired and deployed. Our approach furthermore allows the early evaluation of application prototypes. We mirror the screens of real machines to the virtual displays and use an avatar as a positioning loopback device in order to test the behavior of context-aware presentations.

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