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Assessment of a user's time pressure and cognitive load on the basis of features of speech

Anthony Jameson; Jürgen Kiefer; Christian Müller; Frank Wittig; Ralf Rummer
In: M. Crocker; Jörg Siekmann (Hrsg.). Resource-adaptive cognitive systems. Cognitive Technologies, ISBN 978-3-540-89407-0, Springer, Berlin - Heidelberg - New York, 2008.


Recent advancements in computer science in general and speech processing technology in particular provide the opportunity to transform speech as a means of communication into a novel measurement tool which can be utilized to address many problems in various fields. In this paper we investigate two experiments which use speech as their metric to demonstrate new approaches to two problematic in the field of cognition. The first study utilizes speech as mean of assessment of cognitive decline in elderly and the second study use it as a measurement tool for cognitive load and speech time pressure. After describing these two approaches and their respective results separately, we compare them and discuss their advantages as well as their drawbacks.