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Understanding Spontaneous Negotiation Dialogue

Michael Kipp; Jan Alexandersson; Norbert Reithinger
In: Proceedings of the IJCAI Workshop. IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems (KRPD-99), August 2, Stockholm, Sweden, 8/1999.


In this paper we present the task-oriented context representation and the dialogue manager for the Verbmobil translation system. We show how to utilize statistical methods, shallow extraction and propositional representation to provide translation relevant information and most of all, to enable the system to automatically create a dialogue script and result summary. 1 Introduction Verbmobil is a speech-to-speech translation system working in English, German and Japanese [ Bub and Schwinn, 1996 ] . The first four years of the project resulted in a prototype being able to produce approximately 75% correctly translated contributions in the domain of appointment scheduling dialogues. In the second phase, different extensions in domain and functionality were to be implemented. The domain now includes travel planning and hotel reservations and one of the new features is the automatic generation of a dialogue summary or script [ Alexandersson and Poller, 1998 ] . Since, in the secon...