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Cooperative Information Agents: Best Papers of CIA 2001 Guest Editors' Introduction

Matthias Klusch; F. Zambonelli
In: International Journal on Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS), Special issue on Selected Best Papers of CIA 2002, Vol. 11, Pages 201-204, World Scientific Publ. 2002.


This special issues contains a selection of the best papers presented at the Fifth International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents, held in Modena, Italy, September 6–8, 2001. Information agent technology has become one of the major key technologies for the Internet and the World Wide Web.2,5 It mainly emerged as a response to the challenges of cyberspace from both the technological and human user perspective. Development of information agents requires expertise from different research disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced databases and knowledge base systems, distributed information systems, information retrieval, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The Fifth International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA) continued the tradition by capturing the intrinsic interdisciplinary nature of the above research area by calling for contributions from different research communities, and by promoting open and informative discussions on all related topics. In keeping with tradition, the workshop featured a sequence of regular and invited talks of excellence given by leading experts in the field. As a novelty, the CIA 2001 workshop issued two awards for best paper and best system innovation to acknowledge particularly significant advances in research and development respectively, in the area of information agents. An extended version of the awarded best paper authored by Onn Shehory is included in this special issue.