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Model-Driven Semantic Web Service Matchmaking for Collaborative Business Processes

Stefan Nesbigall; Ingo Zinnikus; Matthias Klusch
In: Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference. IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (APSCC-08), 3rd, December 9-12, Yilan, Taiwan, Province of China, IEEE Press, 2008.


Abstract. Business process modelling and execution in a collaborative environment requires a set of methodologies and tools which support the transition from an analysis to an execution level. Integrating the process with a pre-existing IT infrastructure leads to typical interoperability problems. Service-oriented architectures are today's favorite answer to solve these interoperability issues. To tackle them, the recent trend is to use the principles of model driven-design. In this paper, we apply these principles to Semantic Web service technology to assist a business orchestrator finding suitable services at design time, and composing work ows for agent-based execution. We describe a formal approach to preserve the content of the semantic annotations in the model and code transformations.