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WSMO-MX: A Logic Programming Based Hybrid Service Matchmaker

Frank Kaufer; Matthias Klusch
In: Proceedings of the 4th IEEE European Conference on Web Services. IEEE European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS-06), December 4-6, Zurich, Switzerland, Pages 161-170, ISBN 0-7695-2737-X, IEEE Computer Society, 2006.


In this paper, we present an approach to hybrid semantic Web service matching based on both logic programming, and syntactic similarity measurement. The implemented matchmaker, called WSMO-MX, applies different matching filters to retrieve WSMO-oriented service descriptions that are semantically relevant to a given query with respect to seven degrees of hybrid matching. These degrees are recursively computed by aggregated valuations of ontology based type matching, logical constraint and relation matching, and syntactic similarity as well