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The VCLL: A MultiView Computation Independent Modeling Language for MDA-Based Software Development

Dima Panfilenko; Christian Seel; Andreas Martin; Peter Loos
In: Pre-ICIS 2010 Workshop on Enterprise Systems Research. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS-10), Information Technology: Gateway to the Future, December 12-15, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, pre-ICIS, 2010.


We propose the CIM-modeling language "VCLL", which extends BPMN to four integrated modeling views. The designed modeling language allows creating business processes and its relevant data, business rules and organizational aspects. The VCLL focuses on the development of business applications and provides two entry points into MDA. Our proposed modeling language can be used to describe the behavior of one application (micro view) or it can be used to orchestrate different applications (macro view). Furthermore the VCLL provides a connection to a PreCIM-level, which consists of unstructured information and reveals the relation of model elements with their origin in recorded interviews, forms, documents, etc.


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