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Serious Games in Business

Silke Balzert-Walter; Lucia Pannese; Marie-Therese Walter; Peter Loos
In: Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha. Handbook of Research on Serious Games as Educational, Business and Research Tools. Chapter 27, Vol. 1, IGI Global, 2012.


The intention of this book chapter is to give an overview about Serious Games from a scientific as well as from a business related point of view. As a first step, several existing definitions of Serious Games are examined and the differences and similarities of these games and common computer games are presented. In the next step some goals of Serious Games and their dependency on the application scenario and/or the kind of business in which the game is used are analyzed. Afterwards, the focus switches to Serious Games developed for an economic context. The specific goals of such games are presented and the influence of these goals on design and development requirements is discussed. Furthermore, it is examined how the application scenario influences the Serious Game design. Last but not least, some use cases are presented in order to demonstrate the possibilities of Serious Games for training and learning purposes.