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PPP: Personalized Plan-Based Presenter

Elisabeth Andre; Winfried Graf; Jochen Heinsohn; Bernhard Nebel; Hans-Jürgen Profitlich; Thomas Rist; Wolfgang Wahlster
DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 93-05, 1993.


The aim of the project 'Personlized Plan-Based Presenter' (PPP) is to explore and develop innovative presentation techniques for future intelligent user interfaces. The central issues of the project are: 1. Planning multimedia presentation acts 2. Interactive multimedia presentations 3. Monitoring the effectiveness of a presentation 4. Providing a firm representation foundation Presentation design can be viewed as a relatively unexplored area of common-sense reasoning. Unlike most research on common-sense reasoning to date, the PPP project does not deal with metadomain research on general design principles, but focuses on formal methods capturing some of the reasoning in the design space of presentations for specific and realistic domains. The development of an interactive, multimedia presentation system requires efforts from various research areas such as planning, knowledge representation, constraint processing, natural language, and knowledge-based graphics generation.