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Qualifying Number Restrictions in Concept Languages

Bernhard Hollunder; Franz Baader
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 91-03, 1991.


We investigate the subsumption problem in logic-based knowledge representation languages of the KL-ONE family. The language presented in this paper provides the constructs for conjunction, disjunction, and negation of concepts, as well as qualifying number restrictions. The latter ones generalize the well-known role quantifications (such as value restrictions) and ordinary number restrictions, which are present in almost all KL-ONE based systems. Until now, only little attemps were made to integrate qualifying number restrictions into concept languages. It turns out that all known subsumption algorithms which try to handle these constructs are incomplete, and thus detecting only few subsumption relations between concepts. We present a subsumption algorithm for our language which is sound and complete. Subsequently we discuss why the subsumption problem in this language is rather hard from a computational point of view. This leads to an idea of how to recognize concepts which cause tractable problems.