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Integrated Plan Generation and Recognition - A Logic-Based Approach

Mathias Bauer; Susanne Biundo; Dietmar Dengler; Matthias Hecking; Jana Koehler; G. Merziger
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 91-26, 1991.


The work we present in this paper is settled within the field of intelligent help systems. Intelligent help systems aim at supporting users of application systems by the achievements of qualified experts. In order to provide such qualified support our approach is based on the integration of plan generation and plan recognition components. Plan recognition in this context serves to identify the users goals and so forms the basis for an active user support. The planning component dynamically generates plans which are proposed for the user to reach her goal. We introduce a logic-based approach where plan generation and plan recognition is done on a common logical basis and both components work in some kind of cross-talk.