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Knowledge Acquisition from Text in a Complex Domain

Gabriele Schmidt
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 92-24, 1992.


Complex real world domains can be characterized by a large amount of data, their interactions and that the knowledge must often be related to concrete problems. Therefore, the available descriptions of real world domains do not easily lend themselves to an adequate representation. The knowledge which is relevant for solving a given problem must be extracted from such descriptions with the help of the knowledge acquisition process. Such a process must adequately relate the acquired knowledge to the given problem. An integrated knowledge acquisition framework is developed to relate the acquired knowledge to real world problems. The interactive knowledge acquisition tool COKAM+ is one of three acquisition tools within this integrated framework. It extracts the knowledge from text, provides a documentation of the knowledge and structures it with respect to problems. All these preparations can serve to represent the obtained knowledge adequately.