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Incorporating Graphics Design and Realization into the Multimodal Presentation System WIP

Thomas Rist; Elisabeth Andre
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 92-44, 1992.


Recently, there has been increasing interest in the design of user interfaces that take advantage of graphics when presenting information. Since it is impossible to anticipate the needs and requirements of each potential user in an infinite number of presentation situations, it is more reasonable to automatically design graphics on the fly in a context-sensitive way. In this paper, we present components for graphics design and graphics realization as parts of the multimodal presentation system WIP. After a short overview of WIP, we introduce our basic assumptions about how to describe surface aspects and the meaning of complex graphics. We then describe the graphics realization component and sketch the graphics design process. By means of a generation example we show how graphics design is interleaved with graphics realization.