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GGD: Graph Grammar Developer for features in CAD/CAM

Christoph Klauck; Johannes Schwagereit
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 93-04, 1993.


To integrate CA*-systems with other applications in the world of CIM, one principal approach currently under development is based on feature representation. It enables any CIM component to recognize the higher-level entities--the so-called features--out of a lower-data exchange format, which might be the internal representation of a CAD system as well as some standard data exchange format. In this paper we present a 'made-to-measure' editor for representing features in the higher-level domain specific representation language FEAT-REP -- a representation language based on a (feature-) specific attributed node labeled graph grammar. This intelligent tool, shortly called GGD, supports the knowledge engineer during the representation process by structuring the knowledge base using a conceptual language and by verifying several characteristics of the features.