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Monitoring activity of patients with bipolar disorder using smart phones

Venet Osmani; Alban Maxhuni; Agnes Grünerbl; Paul Lukowicz; Christian Haring; Oscar Mayora
In: ACM Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia. Advances in Mobile Computing & Mulitmedia (MoMM-2013), December 2-4, Wien, Austria, 12/2013.


Mobile computing is changing the landscape of clinical monitoring and self - monitoring. One of the major impacts will be in healthcare, where increase in number of sensing modalities is providing more and more information on the state of overall wellbeing, behaviour and health. There are numerous applications of mobile computing that range from wellbeing applications, such as physical fitness, stress or burnout up to applications that target mental disorders including bipolar disorder. Use of information provided by mobile computing devices can track the state of the subjects and also allow for experience sampling in order to gather subjective information. This paper reports on the results obtained from a medical trial with monitoring of bipolar disorder patients and how the episodes of the diseases correlate to the analysis of the data sampled from mobile phone acting as a monitoring device.