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OnEye - Producing and broadcasting generalized interactive videos

Alain Pagani; Christian Bailer; Didier Stricker
In: 2013 NEM Summit - Conderence Proceedings. Networked and Electronic Media Summit (NEM Summit-2013), October 28-30, Nantes, France, Pages 93-97, ISBN 978-3-00-043123-4, Eurescom GmbH, Heidelberg, 2013.


Interactive videos where objects are enriched with additional information have several important applications including e-commerce, education and gaming. However, the production of such videos is difficult and costly due to the lack of tools to automatize the necessary tasks. In addition broadcasting such videos still remains an issue as current video players do not incorporate the possibility to add supplementary media content. In this paper, we present OnEye, a framework that allows video producers to make objects clickable in their videos and to easily incorporate additional content to the video. The framework consists of different tools that support the creation of such enriched media along the production chain up to the visualization by the end-user. The technologies involve state of the art tracking methods and intelligent user interface, as well as web-based player capabilities. We present an application scenario based on online shopping.