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Considerations about Gender Symmetry in the Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria

Isabella Flucher; Eveline Wandl-Vogt; Thierry Declerck
In: Andrea Abel; Chiara Vettori; Natascia Ralli (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the XVI EURALEX International Congress. EURALEX International Congress (EURALEX-14), The User in Focus, July 15-19, Bolzano/Bozen, Ireland, Pages 1239-1246, ISBN 978-88-88906-97-3, EURAC research, Bolzano, 7/2014.


This poster summarizes the first results of a study that has been pursued as part of an internship at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The aim was to investigate cases of gender symmetry or asymmetry in a dictionary. As case study we focused on a traditional dialectal dictionary. An annotation schema has been developed and first natural language processing steps have been established. In this poster, forms of gender symmetry as well as asymmetry are presented, on the basis of analysis of the vocabulary employed in example sentences or excerpts used in the dictionary. The analysis of gender asymmetry was also based on the consideration of a selection of derogatory names. The work described in this poster provides a critical insight into lexicographical work, design and implementation from a feminist perspective and opens new perspectives for the development of gender symmetric lexicographic works.


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