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PIMO Diary: Diary-Generation from Personal Information Models

Christian Jilek
Mastersthesis, TU Kaiserslautern, 9/2014.


Can you name five things you were concerned with the most in September 2005, for example? What have you been doing in spring 2011? By browsing your documents, web history, calendar events, photo collections, etc. you will probably be able to reconstruct what actually happened in various periods of your life. But evaluating and mentally summarizing these possibly thousands of information items can be a tedious and time-consuming task. What about a diary that is exciting to read and writes itself based on your personal information model (PIMO)? In this diploma thesis we evaluated several diary and timeline approaches, and designed a Semantic Desktop-based tool that generates diaries from a user's PIMO on demand. Thus, a user gets a diary of their personal and/or professional life by simply using their Semantic Desktop "the usual way" without any considerable effort. Compared to other approaches in the past, we consider it to be a very innovative application that also achieved very good results in a first user experience evaluation.