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Towards an intermodal router featuring cycle safety in Berlin

Philipp Gilka; Tom Schilling; Stefan Schaffer; Monika Pepikj
In: ITS World Congress. ITS World Congress (ITS-15), October 5-9, Bordeaux, France, tba, 2015.


Cycling is one of the best eco-friendly solutions to conduct a trip. Therefore different activities are ongoing to promote cycling as a valuable alternative to private car use. In this regard the current ongoing activities within Berlin have to be seen. An innovative approach based on ITS technologies is presently under development addressing a routing algorithm which takes into account not only car use, PT and walking but also cycling. Additional cycling relevant parameters and data sources such as the different availability of bicycle lanes, road surfaces, traffic signals and accident hotspots had to be incorporate into the data basis. All values are then analysed through a proprietary client based analysis tool. As these data sets are dynamic, subjective information could provide additional benefit. The user could be brought into the position to subjectively evaluate the data sets and information provided based on crowdsourcing mechanism to finally allow regularly updates. Overall, the system and developments will be tested and assessed in two iterations of pilot field trials.