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ForgetIT Deliverable D9.1: Application Use Cases & Requirements Document

Heiko Maus; Olivier Dobberkau; Maria Wolters; Claudia Niederée
Deliverable, ForgetIT consortium, ForgetIT Deliverables, Vol. D9.1, 7/2013.


In this document, we summarise the results of initial work on design requirements for the ForgetIT Personal Preservation solution (WP9) and the Organisational Preservation solution (WP10). These requirements will guide the development of ForgetIT and finally show the benefits of the services in these scenarios. The Personal Preservation scenario is based on a Personal Information Model (PIMO) which is represented through a flexible ontology that evolves with the user's needs. The core application of the PIMO will be personal information management in personal life situations such as managing personal photos, which will allow to provide the ForgetIT services as an integral part and thus reduce the effort for preservation. The requirements were informed by a top-down analysis and an online survey that was distributed to team members, friends, and colleagues in Sweden, Germany, the UK, and Italy. The Organisational Preservation scenario focuses on managing and preserving the content (web pages) and assets (such as media files) of company web sites in a way that creates immediate benefit and fosters the use of preservation solutions. The Content Management System (CMS) we chose for our implementation is TYPO3, an open source system that is widely used in Germany. We have designed a framework for further work based on a Web Content Management Lifecycle model. Based on experiences with potential users, it was decided to, initially focus on two use cases, namely Synergetic Preservation for TYPO3 and preservation-aware digital asset management. Instead of a detailed list of requirements, we have opted for an action research model, where relevant changes are co-designed with the two companies who have agreed to trial ForgetIT solutions and evaluated in situ.


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