Towards a WordNet based Classification of Actors in Folktales

Thierry Declerck; Tyler Klement; Antonia Kostova

In: Verginica Barbu Mititelu; Corina Forăscu; Christiane Fellbaum; Piek Vossen (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Eighth Global WordNet Conference. Global WordNet Conference (GWC-16), January 27-30, Bucharest, Romania, ISBN 978-973-0-20728-6, GWA, 1/2016.


In the context of a student software project we are investigating the use of Word- Net for improving the automatic detection and classification of actors (or characters) mentioned in folktales. Our starting point is the book “Classification of International Folktales”, out of which we extract text segments that name the different actors involved in tales, taking advantage of patterns used by its author, Hans-J¨org Uther. We apply on those text segments functions that are implemented in the NLTK interface to WordNet in order to obtain lexical semantic information to enrich the original naming of characters proposed in the “Classification of International Folktales” and to support their translation in otherlanguages.


GWC-2016_submission_50-2.pdf (pdf, 48 KB )

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