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ForgetIT Deliverable D9.5: Personal Preservation Report

Heiko Maus; Sven Schwarz; Christian Jilek; Maria Wolters; Stephen Rhodes; Andrea Ceroni; Gürkan Gür
Deliverable, ForgetIT Consortium, ForgetIT Deliverables, Vol. D9.5, 1/2016.


This deliverable presents ForgetIT’s Personal Preservation Report which is an outcome of the Personal Preservation application scenario of work package WP9. It contains the final reports on the evaluation results, the final presentation of the application for supporting users in selecting photos for preservation, the Personal Preservation Report, the discussion of the reviewer’s recommendations, and concludes with the final assessment of WP9’s success indicators. The deliverable presents the final results of the student group PANIC derived from the usage statistics and final questionnaire. Moreover, the final evaluation of WP9 is presented where 10 participants used the Personal Preservation Pilot to organize their personal photo collections and could inspect the preservation decisions based on their Preservation Strategy. The application ‘Preservation of Personal Photo Collections’ already presented in D9.3, supports users in selecting photos for preservation in their personal photo collections. Besides additional features using new ForgetIT technology, the application has been connected to the Preserve-or-Forget (PoF) Middleware allowing to immediately preserve photo collections. By introducing situation search, it allows a novel way for finding photos in the archive. The Personal Preservation Report presents WP9’s approach for Personal Preservation by embedding it in a user’s Personal Information Management (PIM) activities. The obstacles for Personal Preservation identified in D9.1 are revisited and the contributions to overcome these obstacles with the presented approach are investigated. This report is complemented by lessons learned from the DFKI PIMO – which is in everyday use by the DFKI team – using ForgetIT technology and goals (Managed Forgetting, Contextual Remembering, and Synergetic Preservation). Finally, the reviewers’ recommendations from Year 1 & 2 reviews are discussed including their impact on the development in WP9. A final assessment of WP9’s success indicators shows that WP9 reached the intended goals of the work package


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