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Visualization of Students’ Activities to Support Teachers and Students in Personal Learning Environments

Bo Yu; Carsten Ullrich; Rui-Min Shen
In: Piet Kommers; Ji-ping Zhang; Tomayess Issa; Pedro Isaías (Hrsg.). Accepted for full paper presentation at the Sixth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Towards Ubiquitous Learning. IADIS International Conference on Internet Technologies & Society (ITS), December 8-10, Shanghai, China, Pages 3-10, 2011.


A recent trend in distant education is the concept of Personal Learning Environments, a combination of services and tools controlled and assembled by the individual user. While offering advantages over traditional Leaning Management System, PLEs bring their own challenges, as they make it difficult to assess the users’ interaction with the system. In this paper we present a graph-based visualization of the students’ activities, and show how it can be used by both teachers and learners to achieve a better understanding of how the learning takes place.