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AUVx - A Novel Miniaturized Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Hendrik Hanff; Philipp Kloss; Bilal Wehbe; Peter Kampmann; Sven Kroffke; Aljoscha Sander; Miguel Bande Firvida; Maria von Einem; Jan Frederik Bode; Frank Kirchner (Hrsg.)
OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS-17), A Vision for Sustaining Our Marine Futures, June 19-22, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 6/2017.


Within the 3 year project DAEDALUS the battery powered underwater vehicle AUVx was developed at DFKI. This autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is a novel, miniaturized exploration and research vehicle. The AUVx can be operated both autonomous or remotely as a hybrid ROV with a near field optical communication modem or a copper wire cable. What makes this paper unique is that it describes the development of a system which has a high degree of miniaturization and the feature richness of much bigger systems: A complex heterogeneous processing architecture, sensor fusion of inertial data, a mathematical model of the robot and visual data which improves the AUVs pose and orientation estimation, a unique propulsion concept and the possibility to hover statically in the water column. Results of the design and build process with a strong focus on the CFD analysis and the evaluated model are presented. The system was successfully tested in water basins at DFKI.


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