Cloud-based Infrastructure for Workflow and Service Engineering Using Semantic Web Technologies

Volkan Gezer; Simon Bergweiler

In: International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology (IntTech), Vol. 10, No. 1 & 2, Pages 36-45, IARIA, 6/2017.


The combination of a network infrastructure with cloud-based services offers a methodology to create workflows for the computation of effects in short up to long-term experiments. Each experiment is described in a workflow that binds services to fulfill specific tasks. The distributed infrastructure consists out of a scalable distributed platform that allows a flexible handling of tasks reducing dependency on one central location. This paper presents the concept and realization of a cloud platform that uses workflows to describe sequences of complex tasks of experiments in a dynamic and editable way. These workflows can be easily created, accessed, adapted and combined with the help of the developed tool-chain. Individual fabrication steps are associated with interoperable and reusable services.


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