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The Multimedia Satellite Task at MediaEval 2017

Benjamin Bischke; Patrick Helber; Christian Schulze; Venkat Srinivasan; Damian Borth; Andreas Dengel
In: Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2017. MediaEval Benchmark, Workshop, September 13-16, Dublin, Ireland, 2017.


This paper provides a description of the MediaEval 2017 Multimedia Satellite Task. The primary goal of the task is to extract and fuse content of events which are present in Satellite Imagery and Social Media. Establishing a link from Satellite Imagery to Social Multimedia can yield to a comprehensive event representation which is vital for numerous applications. Focusing on natural disaster events in this year, the main objective of the task is to leverage the combined event representation withing the context of emergency response and environmental monitoring. In particular, our task focuses this year on flooding events and consists of two subtasks. The first Disaster Image Retrieval form Social Media subtask requires participants to retrieve images from Social Media which show a direct evidence of the flooding event. The second task Flood Detection in Satellite Images aims to extract regions in satellite images which are affected by a flooding event. Extracted content from both tasks can be fused by means of the geographic information. The task seeks to go beyond state-of-the-art flooding map generation towards recent approaches in Deep-Learning while augmenting the satellite information at the same time with rich social multimedia.